Suicide Survivors

suicide suvivorsResearch shows that people who commit suicide are full of self-loathing, they are living in a mental hell each and every day.  They are trying to block out unbearable emotional pain and hurt, they are crying out for help, they are distressed and can’t find another way out of their pain, their coping mechanism has crashed,  they feel alone and desperately depressed, again, they genuinely feel that they have no other option.

Suicide survivors are left devastated when a loved one takes their own life.  The number of emotions felt is overwhelming, for the person who takes their own life their problems have ended, the family left to deal with unanswered questions, guilt, anger, confusion and excruciating emotional pain and hurt. Picking up the shattered pieces after a suicide bereavement is without doubt the most difficult and traumatic death experience a family will have to cope with.


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