Grief to Greatness

Tom Sweetman

Following the loss of his mother in 2012, Tom Sweetman has used his personal experience of loss and coping with his mother’s death to support those who have or are experiencing loss and grief in their life.  His aim, to help others turn pain into potential and passion into purpose to overcome limiting fears and beliefs so that people can go from grief to greatness in their lives.

Tom has developed an excellent website providing very important resources including a blog which is packed with inspirational video’s and articles including; Overcoming Adversity and 15 Life Lessons.  Tom has also developed a free 40 page e-book, Words through Grief and a new guide:


DISCOVER: 50 Ways To Help Someone With Grief And Loss

Loosing someone is one of the most if not most painful experiences we will go through in life. The journey of grief can be lonely, confusing and painful. We all need a friend at this time. After my mum passing from cancer in 2012 I remember what really helped so I wanted to share some ways that a friend could use in supporting someone grieving. Death is not often spoken about much so for me I wanted to make the topic of grief more open. In order to help others I have put together this little guide to give some simple but effective ideas to support someone who is grieving.

The Little Guide To Helping Others Through Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

You will learn
– Simple Ideas to really support someone in grief
– Activities you can do together
– Ways to really help someone in grief
– Ideas you may not have thought about
– Things to say and not to say

In addition to providing this wonderful information, Tom also provides support and coaching to those who feel they need that little extra support to help re launch your life to a new level with more meaning and purpose.  He also organizes Google hangouts with guest speakers who have traveled the road of grief.

Please take the time to visit Tom’s website, you will be glad that you did; Tom Let Go  You can also download his 50 Ways to Help Someone With Grief, Loss and Bereavement  



Tom Sweetman