Grief Stages

When we experience the loss of a loved one, the world as we know it is turned upside down and has changed forever.  The weeks following the funeral are busy with people calling to offer their sympathy and respects. The emotions we will feel are called grief stages.

Dealing with the change in our life is very difficult and as much as we try to get back to our everyday routine, the pain and loss we feel stirs up a variety of emotions that are confusing and very painful as follows:

  • Shock – Not being able to comprehend what you have been told
  • Disbelief –  This can’t be happening
  • Sadness –  A deep sense of emptiness
  • Guilt – I should have said, or done
  • Anger – why has this happened to me, the doctors should have, I should have.
  • Fear – For the future without your loved one
  • Feeling – Physically ill
  • Hopelessness – Not wanting to go on [Read more…]