Non-Religious Funeral Readings

Non-religious or Humanists live life by a set of moral principles based on respect, moral decency, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, altruism, responsibility and protecting human rights in an open and pluralistic society.A non-religious Funeral or Humanist funeral is based on humanity and human values, The funeral service focuses more on the person who has departed, and the achievements of their life.

Non-religious funeral readings may contain poems, or an original composition from  friends and relatives of the person who died, depicting their life and the memories shared.  The service does not usually contain any religious substance such as prayers or hymns. [Read more…]

Funeral Services Guide

The Funeral Service

Organising the final journey of your loved one is a particularly difficult undertaking as you are saying your final goodbye. The funeral service/memorial mass/rites are very important in helping us acknowledge the reality of our loved one’s death.  It also provides the opportunity to remember the life of your loved one, to pay a special tribute in a dignified and respectful way and for family and friends to lend support, express the love and sympathy that they feel.

    The choice of Funeral will depend on religious and non-religious beliefs and cultural traditions of your loved one.

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