Non-Religious Funeral Readings

Non-religious or Humanists live life by a set of moral principles based on respect, moral decency, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, altruism, responsibility and protecting human rights in an open and pluralistic society.A non-religious Funeral or Humanist funeral is based on humanity and human values, The funeral service focuses more on the person who has departed, and the achievements of their life.

Non-religious funeral readings may contain poems, or an original composition from  friends and relatives of the person who died, depicting their life and the memories shared.  The service does not usually contain any religious substance such as prayers or hymns. [Read more…]

Funeral Readings from the Bible

Deciding which Bible verses and passages you would like to use during the funeral service of a loved one can greatly help in bringing comfort to the people who are left behind.  At this time of grief and loss, funeral readings from the Bible provides hope and optimism to the family and friends through the words of the Lord.  Your priest will be able to help you choose the appropriate readings when making the Funeral arrangements [Read more…]

Catholic Funeral Readings

Catholic Funeral Readings for the Requiem Mass are usually made up from readings from the Liturgy of the Word in the Old and New Testaments.  The Requiem Mass follows a general order of service and includes the Opening Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist and Concluding Rites.

The first Catholic funeral reading is the Liturgy of the Word that is taken from the Old Testament.  It always comes with a Psalm.

When making the funeral arrangements your priest will go through the reading options and you will be able to choose your preferred readings.
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