Emotional Freedom Technique

sky1If you have never heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and if you are in the depths of grief, I urge you to take the time to have a look at the wonderful work that Heather Ambler is doing in helping people through trauma and loss using the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique.  I use it on a regular basis and from my personal experience can attest to the benefit it provides for a variety of emotional difficulties.  There is no doubt that anyone who has experienced loss whatever the circumstance will find immediate benefit.

Here are some testimonials that Heather received from some of the people she has worked with;

“I first contacted Heather to heal from my deep grief over the death of my mother. I was

amazed at the result! I was able to work through my complicated grief and process many

deep emotions that I was unable to tap into alone. She made me feel very comfortable

and she was very professional. She changed my life!” ~ Tracy

“Heather is a natural healer.  I felt like I could trust her to use her intuition to get to the

things that were bothering me. We worked together around my mom’s death, and she

helped me to find and release some painful feelings I had about the loss. She is a very

caring, empathetic person.” ~ Dennis C.

“Thank you so much for an incredibly healing EFT session last week. I am grateful that you create such a safe and non-judgmental space for your clients so that we can truly open up and heal from life’s challenges. You are my trauma guru go-to for myself and my clients, and I am looking forward to our next session!” ~ Jen

“I know I wept during the session with you, but I don’t remember crying about our dog’s death after that. I felt sadness, sure, but not hopeless and devastated. Thank you!” ~ Gina

Emotional Freedom Technique will help with all the emotions associated with loss and will certainly help you make sense of your feelings.

Heather also provides useful scripts that can be used immediately and for free. For more information you can contact Heather on; http://www.heatherambler.com/