A modern display of a lost tradition

Mourning cross_3607 4A modern display of a lost tradition….  In many of our cultures and societies of years past, when a death occurred we outwardly displayed our mourning with what was called a “mourning band” .  Many would wear black for a period of time…I have a friend of Italian decent that lost his father when he was only 12 years old.  He told me that his mother wore black for 7 years afterwards as a public display of her grieving.  I don’t recall in any recent years anything that people are doing that signifies that they are mourning or grieving.

I was blessed to meet two women that have created a modern version of the mourning band.  They were at their own father’s wake in Ireland several years ago and found that many of the people who were in attendance did not know that the two were his daughters.  Not unusual that at a visitation or service distinguishing family from others is a task.  So, the sisters created MourningCross Bereavement Pins…to be worn at visitations and services for identifying as “in mourning and grieving”  as the black band did many years ago.

But there is another component of the Bereavement Pins, an important one.

Public Display of loss

After the services are completed, the pins may be worn as a public display of their loss…so when at the grocery store someone may ask “that’s an interesting pin”…and the response would appropriately be “yes, I lost my loved one, let me tell you about him/her”.

I have started providing the Mourningcross Bereavement Pins to the direct decedent at our funeral homes and making them available for other family members for a nominal fee.  The response is fantastic…take a look at http://www.mourningcross.com, a modern display of a lost tradition.

Author: Jeff Harbeson

The Harbeson Group